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Who am I - part 2

I've been thinking about my identity and who I am quite a lot recently.  In the last year, an important part of who I considered myself to be - a wife or partner, has been taken away from me.  I'm not sure I realised until this phase of my life ended, that with the title of wife came with a status.   Now I keep asking myself, who am I?

I do feel lucky that I have always had a very strong sense of self.  I've always been self aware and known what kind of person I am and what I stand for.  When I was young, I was aware that I wasn't typical or average and that was tough at times, but as I've grown older I've accepted that and now celebrate my own quirks and interests.  I've been very lucky to have family and friends who not only accepted me, but encouraged my interests - in music (whether it's Bing Crosby, Tudor polyphony or Elvis), art and crafts, reading, bird spotting and family history.  When my life is rocked, I always have art, music and books to ru…

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